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Our Projects

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Blood Donation and campaigns

The Blood Donation and Organ donations camps are prioritised to raise awareness of the need...

Zero Plastic School and community programs

The zero-waste approach seeks to maximize..

Mangrove Restoration

The goals of mangrove restoration often include conservation, coastal protection,...

Palmyrah Restoration

Palmyra palms are economically useful and widely cultivated in Northern Sri Lanka..

Community Development

The purpose of the project is to reduce the NCD community ...

Jaffna Healthy City Initiative

Through the partnership of Medical Faculty Jaffna Healthy city project..

Rural ponds renovation

Jaffna district is surrounded with multiple ponds yet...

Rights for differently abled people

Differently abled people are the large enough...

Save a life is a non government organization based in is more focusing on blood donation and save environmental activities. 

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