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Towards a healthy and eco-centric future.


To connect and encourage the younger generation for the thriving purpose of Environmental Management which could improve the ecosystem services, quality of life, health and well-being of the future generation.

Our Values

Save a life’s work is based on a number of principles. They are reflected in all our campaigns, guide whatever we do, wherever we do it. Save a life is an independent eco-friendly campaigning organisation, which beliefs in peaceful, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and develop solutions for a green and sustainable future abides UN’s Sustainable goals of 2030 such as





Healthy community

Youth empowerment

Gender sensitivity

Environmental management

Diversity inclusion


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Our Objectives

  •  Promoting environmentally sustainable , and highly productive agricultural activities ( agroforestry, mangrove restoration, palmyra), eco-friendly businesses ( ecotourism) and better environmental friendly by product  marketing schemes 
  •  Undertaking natural resource conservation activities (re-afforestation) and engaging the community and students to lead the initiatives. 
  •   Designing and implementing appropriate strategies and program activities addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  •   Establishing and supporting basic social services (like basic and primary education, health ) mainly for children and women to uplift the life of the underprivileged.
  •  Introducing and supporting feasible income generation schemes for women and other vulnerable community members to ensure economic empowerment
  • Engaging differently abled people through innovative initiatives to add value to the sustainable development and healthy well beings without any discrimination by breaking the social stigma.
  • To promote awareness on maximizing recycling, minimize waste, reduce consumption and ensure that products are made to be reused , repaired or recycled back into nature. 
  • To Promote awareness campaigns and  advocacy for policy level changes on reducing and eliminating adverse impacts of waste materials on human health and environment management and ecosystem services. 
  • Promoting healthy community through encouraging organic farming and organic composts , home gardening which could benefit a healthy generation and would provide livelihood opportunities 
  • Promoting organic diet plan , healthy habits like cycling to free the younger generation from Non communicable diseases and to support the NCDs patients.
  • Undertaking Blood donation and organ donation awareness camps at schools level and community level to support the emergency needed lives.
  • Promote awareness and advocate for policy level changes on improving the social status and recognition of the health and waste management labors.

The Story Behind Our Movement

Save a Life, a secular developmental non-governmental organization, known as a youth-led volunteer organization was initiated with a group of youth in the community to focus on the blood donation camps and blood donation awareness activities in 2014. Being a youth- led organization adding values to the SDGs, Environmental Conservation and Eco- Systems plus Health and Wellbeing of the community, Save a Life has taken forward Health and environmental initiatives since 2018 especially in the Northern Province, Sri Lanka.

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We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

Save a Life works with the believe and set goals to make the real change in the environment as well as in life.

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Save a Life is a non government organization based in Sri Lanka. It is more focusing on health  and environmental sectors. 

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